Get out alive…

There’s so much stress around the end of the school year, with exams and large culminating projects make you want to rip your hair out.

Lately there’s been a lot of unneeded drama, more of which I still can come to understand. There are times where I wish the voices in my head can just shut up so I can think for myself and the other times I wish people can quit their bickering.

Lol, stupid Llama

I.e. My brother. He’s been a big pain in my ass, because apparently doing 4 dishes we used for breakfast is a hard chore and getting your stuff together so when we get picked up, the driver doesn’t have to wait. Then there is the constant attitude. I remember I was NEVER like this when I was a child. This kid is rude where it’s not even like possible. It’s those kids that are just rude and you wonder what happened along the line of growing up. I swear I’m getting to the point that very soon I’m going to end up punching him … in the throat.

I just hope I can get the hell out of Toronto Asap. Toronto’s too big and I’m starting to hate it. I want to move to a smaller place, like Waterloo or Ottawa or something smaller than Toronto. More or less I just want to get into a University away from home. There is just too much going on now and I need to clear my head…

Unfortunately I’m failing math, and yeah I’ve heard it thousands of times where people tell me “If you don’t do well in math you won’t go anywhere” … Ge thanks I think I got that the first 100 times … P.s. Thanks for the support assholes.

In life, I learned you just can’t trust many people on their word. In the end they break it and your life becomes on shambles and you lose yourself in a hole somewhere. Then when you try to dig yourself out, it doesn’t work because you realize, no one’s there to help you get out of that hole after they threw you in it. But whatever, even parents do that to you. Blah blah blah, that’s all you ever hear. I swear it’s a never-ending cycle of hate and stupidity.

Thank god that I have an artistic side. I’ve been drawing out my feelings, using it as an inspiration of whats been going on… I think I’ll need to go get more paint … though nothing really fazes me anymore I guess that’s because I’ve only seen my world in hate, stupidity, criticism and this would all be said to me by many hypocrites of many faces.

I guess that’s it for now. My short rant for the day… I think my blog is turning into my journal soon … that could be a good … or bad thing. Which ever the case it’s not like it matters any more.

雪 – Yuki


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