OKAY I realized I haven’t blogged on this site in like AGES and it’s been long over due D: I’M SO SORRY FOR YOU GUYS WHO ACTUALLY READ THIS.

Anyways, I am going camping tomorrow (Friday) for the Canada day weekend… I’m supposed to go from Friday to the Monday but I have summer school 😦 and school JUST ended for me and Summer school is starting on the 4th :l It’s pretty ridiculous I have to say.

For those who read my blog, I have a Tumblr now as well. I seem to be using that more now… but this is my Tumblr

My other Tumblr which is also hosted under my Yuki Akari blog is called Story of the Hour

It’s the “story of my life”, but I changed names and genders (maybe).  This is purely of my own perspective of whats going on in my life so judge me if you like but this is all on how I feel and what I’ve done.

I’ll post my Camping trip soon~

:> Enjoy ~

雪 – Yuki


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