Okay, so my “Step Sister’s” wedding is coming up in March sometime and I need to find a new dress because my mom doesn’t want me wearing my old graduation dress which looks like this.

Picture is kinda blurry but that’s alright. It’s a nice dress and I would probably wear that with either black or nude heals… probably black because I don’t have nude heals… Or I could wear my red ones with a red clutch.

Since I’ve been looking at new dresses I’ve been keeping the range on eBay from 5 – 20 dollars 25 max. I don’t need to spend that much money on a new dress I’m probably going to ever wear once. That’s what my Prom and Wedding is for,spend money on a dress you wear once. Ever. Probably.

This dress is $10 on eBay + $7 with shipping. It’s a nice and cool design, very Gothic Lolita-esk. Though what I don’t like is the back because it’s once of those stretchy things at the back and to me it looks like the dress was never finished being made. If it were smaller and like little I’d be fine with it because it would blend in with the dress nicely but its like huge and on the back… Dislike. Though I could always dress it up with a throw or something.

 I Love this dress! I love the lace and how it’s so plain. The belt doesn’t come with it though. I can dress this up or down in every way possible! I could do the same thing as them with a cream belt and beanie hat. Or I could wear it with leggings and booties with a patterned belt. :3 I like this sooo much ❤ Plus at least with this dress if I dress it up it would look nice enough for a wedding reception and dinner and it would work with just regularly going out for dinner or with friends. This dress is $13 with $7 shipping. Not bad for something so nice.

Okay Last dress… FOR NOW. Mwuahaha. Anyways for those who know me I don’t usually like pink or wear it. Pink is starting to become okay … yes I said it. PINK IS OKAY. 😀 Moving on, this dress is $20 + $7 shipping. Its nice and I could dress it with pearls and such but I wouldn’t be able to wear this any time. So I’d be spending money on a dress I’m wearing once … hense why I like the lace dress the most. Though I’d wear either off white heals or nude heals with this dress. Wow can you see me in this at all? Probably not … ;___; aish. On the other hand at least my hair will be black/brown again around that time. I’ll have to dye it again anyways so yer.

I can’t choose yet 😦 Maybe I’ll get the lace one. It’s the nicest and the only one I will get my moneys worth with.

雪 – Yuki


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