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Lets start with whats going to happen soon in the near future ~

Soon in a few days for me, I will be attending Anime North. I’ll be cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive in his black version on the VI DVD album. I’ll be cosplay for the Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t quite decided if I will go on the friday yet. Come out and support the event and have fun!

Next hopefully in the future I’ll have a job so I can get myself some summer clothes *^* I need shorts… I prefer not wearing jeans and tights the whole summer…

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Out of boredom, I one day decided to go and play around and make some crazy make up.

I call it Jōkā [Joker]

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Lolita-manic…not really?

Okay so I just so happen to stumble upon a Tumblr that does Lolita posts.

I found some photos that I like very much from this Tumblr. Unfortunately I don’t actually know where the original photos really came from.

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Supernatural Yoshikitty ;)

I’m sorry, my life is now complete ❤

I have no other way to describe this. So make up your own description XDD

Credits to: NekoRini for showing me!
Credits to: Lucy-hp!


French Skit gone Bonkers

Okay so for my French class we have to do a media project where we make our own short film. Whether it be a parody, a made up movie or a similar movie, you get the point. So my group consists of Visnja (My Serbian friend) and Kenny (My … interesting friend). Were doing a parody of Tangled. Were doing “Untangled”

This features Kenny as Rapunzo, Visnja as the Witch and Myself as “Prince Pomplamouse”… In real fact they think I look like Justin Bieber when I don’t straighten my hair D8< AND I AM NOT HIM GAWSH. <– jokinggggg!


So here’s a preview of my French project. 🙂 hope you enjoy it


Bodyline Loot & From Gen石原

Hello! Okay so I did a group order with Gen石原 for a Bodyline order.

Bodyline is a really cool japanese site where it is $20 for shipping and you can order as much as you want. All the products are made very well. As a rating out of 5 I’d give it a 4/5 some of the shoes need some work to be made but other than that everything else is made very well and with excellent materials. Here is what I ordered.

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“Prince” I look like the “dark” JB? EW.

Dear god I can look like a little boy… perhaps… a “dark” Justin Beiber? EW NO NO NO.

Completed: 50%

I have the wig and the shoes now. All I need are the contacts and the cosplay itself.

Not exactly completed yet D: …

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