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Lets start with whats going to happen soon in the near future ~

Soon in a few days for me, I will be attending Anime North. I’ll be cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive in his black version on the VI DVD album. I’ll be cosplay for the Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t quite decided if I will go on the friday yet. Come out and support the event and have fun!

Next hopefully in the future I’ll have a job so I can get myself some summer clothes *^* I need shorts… I prefer not wearing jeans and tights the whole summer…

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Out of boredom, I one day decided to go and play around and make some crazy make up.

I call it Jōkā [Joker]

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Lolita-manic…not really?

Okay so I just so happen to stumble upon a Tumblr that does Lolita posts.

I found some photos that I like very much from this Tumblr. Unfortunately I don’t actually know where the original photos really came from.

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ǒ____ǒ I want my red hair back.

I WANT MY RED HAIR BACK OMG. *flips a desk*

ǒ____ǒ  This isn’t fair. Once I change my hair a different color, OTHER PEOPLE start changing it red D8< with the exception of Christina (My Zack-y-poo ♥) EVERYONE ELSE. I DISLIKE YOU. PSH

Check this out, my friends camera matches my hair 😀  ~ This was so long T_T i miss it ♥

Next color 😀 purple! For my dear friend Taylor L.♥