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Okay, so my “Step Sister’s” wedding is coming up in March sometime and I need to find a new dress because my mom doesn’t want me wearing my old graduation dress which looks like this.

Picture is kinda blurry but that’s alright. It’s a nice dress and I would probably wear that with either black or nude heals… probably black because I don’t have nude heals… Or I could wear my red ones with a red clutch.

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Out of boredom, I one day decided to go and play around and make some crazy make up.

I call it Jōkā [Joker]

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Royal Wedding

I of course like to watch history being made, for instance the Royal Wedding. That’s just my opinion, though some may dislike the whole hype about it or just think of it as a wedding. Fair enough I get that.

Talking about it anyways I really wanted to only see what people were wearing. XD Of course in Britain they have those crazy hats ( i love those crazy hats lol)

David & Victoria Beckham. I actually really like Victoria’s hat, it’s very simple and elegant.

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Lolita-manic…not really?

Okay so I just so happen to stumble upon a Tumblr that does Lolita posts.

I found some photos that I like very much from this Tumblr. Unfortunately I don’t actually know where the original photos really came from.

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Supernatural Yoshikitty ;)

I’m sorry, my life is now complete ❤

I have no other way to describe this. So make up your own description XDD

Credits to: NekoRini for showing me!
Credits to: Lucy-hp!



;DD OMGOMGOMG Thank you NekoRini ❤

I LURRRVEEE ITTT ^^~ It’s a cute little key with a gold grown & a Rhine stone in the grown 😀 soooo cuteeee ^^ Thank youuu ❤


New Jewelery~

Just thought I’d share to you the new jewelery I got for my lip… So here’s the story…

One beautiful day in law class I was about to answer a question that my teacher asked. Then suddenly I hear a little “PING” and thus made me curious. Naturally I played with my stud… till I realized the ball wasn’t there any longer. I didn’t hear a second ping so I take it, it probably fell into a bag or shoe OR it bounced off of something soft and rolled off to freedom somewhere. For all I know it’s seated in the abyss of the dirty classroom with the friendly dust bunnies and fearful ants of doom that dwell in candy wrappers and stuck gum. That is the sad story of bally. Rip. Apr3rd-Apr13. Lol here’s a doodle of me losing the poor ball…

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