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Lets start with whats going to happen soon in the near future ~

Soon in a few days for me, I will be attending Anime North. I’ll be cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive in his black version on the VI DVD album. I’ll be cosplay for the Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t quite decided if I will go on the friday yet. Come out and support the event and have fun!

Next hopefully in the future I’ll have a job so I can get myself some summer clothes *^* I need shorts… I prefer not wearing jeans and tights the whole summer…

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Out of boredom, I one day decided to go and play around and make some crazy make up.

I call it Jōkā [Joker]

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Lolita-manic…not really?

Okay so I just so happen to stumble upon a Tumblr that does Lolita posts.

I found some photos that I like very much from this Tumblr. Unfortunately I don’t actually know where the original photos really came from.

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Birthday[Late post]~

Okay, Lets introduce. My friend Kiyo came down from Ottawa to spend our birthdays together. We were supposed to go to Milestones for dinner, except they were booked full. So we ended up going to Montana’s Cook house (Steak House). Unfortunately I forgot Kiyo was a VEGETARIAN. ;–; I’M SO SORRY KIYO<3 My fault entirely. Even for that unfortunate event we still had loads of fun!

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Sephora Perfecting Cover Concealer; Review

Today’s review is on the actual Sephora brand, not other brands sephora sells. Personally I have a problem with Sephora’s packaging with some products. For example, their body washes and foundation.

Brand: Sephora Perfecting Cover Concealer

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FIT me! Maybelline NY; Review

Okay today’s review is on the new Maybelline New York FIT me! liquid foundation. I got this on sale for 7.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Brand: Maybelline New York FIT me!

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Okay so since I’ve know what facial piercings where I’ve always wanted a left labret piercing or eyebrow (Not both). So now that I’m 16 and allowed to get it on my own. I’ve decided I just may finally get it. Of course after a while i’ll also have to take it out for work, but that’s nothing a retainer can’t fix right? :O Healing time isn’t too long and I’m paying it for myself. Another, It’s a birthday gift for myself. So .__. honestly no big deal. Plus I don’t want to keep it a secret. It’s really annoying to keep things a secret when you’re happy about it. Some people may think I’m getting it for other reasons. In all honesty it’s just because I like it and I’ve wanted one for the longest time. Sometimes I don’t understand why reasons need to be given as to why you want the piercing… I get it if its like on every inch of your face but seriously .__. still don’t understand.