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Lets start with whats going to happen soon in the near future ~

Soon in a few days for me, I will be attending Anime North. I’ll be cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive in his black version on the VI DVD album. I’ll be cosplay for the Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t quite decided if I will go on the friday yet. Come out and support the event and have fun!

Next hopefully in the future I’ll have a job so I can get myself some summer clothes *^* I need shorts… I prefer not wearing jeans and tights the whole summer…

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Okay so lately I’ve been hating on my regular headphones that came with my phone, one reason being that the right head phone had a larger gel bud as the left one had a smaller one, because the right headphone’s small bud FELL. OFF. fml. K Moving on. So I finally got fed up because someone stole my other ones, even if they were shitty ones no big deal. BUT I frankly enjoy my tune time on the bus because it’s either socially awkward or there’s a child crying and I don’t want to suffer. So these are it!

Sorry for the shitty quality….

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On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull

I don’t usually listen to pop culture music but I seem to really be addicted to On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull. D: I don’t know why I like it so much! It could be the beat I guess? Other than that here it is.

Released: March 3 2011


Supernatural Yoshikitty ;)

I’m sorry, my life is now complete ❤

I have no other way to describe this. So make up your own description XDD

Credits to: NekoRini for showing me!
Credits to: Lucy-hp!


Birthday[Late post]~

Okay, Lets introduce. My friend Kiyo came down from Ottawa to spend our birthdays together. We were supposed to go to Milestones for dinner, except they were booked full. So we ended up going to Montana’s Cook house (Steak House). Unfortunately I forgot Kiyo was a VEGETARIAN. ;–; I’M SO SORRY KIYO<3 My fault entirely. Even for that unfortunate event we still had loads of fun!

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French Skit gone Bonkers

Okay so for my French class we have to do a media project where we make our own short film. Whether it be a parody, a made up movie or a similar movie, you get the point. So my group consists of Visnja (My Serbian friend) and Kenny (My … interesting friend). Were doing a parody of Tangled. Were doing “Untangled”

This features Kenny as Rapunzo, Visnja as the Witch and Myself as “Prince Pomplamouse”… In real fact they think I look like Justin Bieber when I don’t straighten my hair D8< AND I AM NOT HIM GAWSH. <– jokinggggg!


So here’s a preview of my French project. 🙂 hope you enjoy it



HOLY SHIZA I LOVE THIS. hitori-sama showed this to me c:

“Vocals. Yuan Revue in the male, and singing with a range of four octaves higher, with the appearance of the Japanese away.” <— that kind of confuses me as to the gender of the vocalist… o__o

Here are the specs, but OMG. It’s pretty amazing D: ❤