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Get out alive…

There’s so much stress around the end of the school year, with exams and large culminating projects make you want to rip your hair out.

Lately there’s been a lot of unneeded drama, more of which I still can come to understand. There are times where I wish the voices in my head can just shut up so I can think for myself and the other times I wish people can quit their bickering.

Lol, stupid Llama

I.e. My brother. He’s been a big pain in my ass, because apparently doing 4 dishes we used for breakfast is a hard chore and getting your stuff together so when we get picked up, the driver doesn’t have to wait. Then there is the constant attitude. I remember I was NEVER like this when I was a child. This kid is rude where it’s not even like possible. It’s those kids that are just rude and you wonder what happened along the line of growing up. I swear I’m getting to the point that very soon I’m going to end up punching him … in the throat.

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Royal Wedding

I of course like to watch history being made, for instance the Royal Wedding. That’s just my opinion, though some may dislike the whole hype about it or just think of it as a wedding. Fair enough I get that.

Talking about it anyways I really wanted to only see what people were wearing. XD Of course in Britain they have those crazy hats ( i love those crazy hats lol)

David & Victoria Beckham. I actually really like Victoria’s hat, it’s very simple and elegant.

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Birthday[Late post]~

Okay, Lets introduce. My friend Kiyo came down from Ottawa to spend our birthdays together. We were supposed to go to Milestones for dinner, except they were booked full. So we ended up going to Montana’s Cook house (Steak House). Unfortunately I forgot Kiyo was a VEGETARIAN. ;–; I’M SO SORRY KIYO<3 My fault entirely. Even for that unfortunate event we still had loads of fun!

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Art Project

Okay so my art teacher taught us about kinetic sculpture. She said we could do two things, a mobile or a stay-bile.

Kinetic sculpture is basically a mobile which is this… wind chimes

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Candle Of Hope; Pray For Japan

I’m sure that we have all heard about the tragic Tsunami/Earthquake that hit Japan on March 11th 2011. This unfortunate event has caused people around the world to be upset and sad on this event. I pray for those who have lost their lives and hope they Rest in Peace Forever in Paradise. I pray for those who still have hope and can live on strong.

Facebook, a vast growing internet sensation has created a group. If you have Facebook, please help support by taking a picture of a lit candle and post it on the group page. the group is called Candle Of Hope. It’s the least you can do if you are short on change. Regardless this will give a sign to those in need in Japan that you are one to support. Even half way around the world there is still hope for them.

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