Yuki Akari

So I’m going to make this organized and not a giant run on sentence 😀

Activities: Biking, Hiking, Camping, Hanging out with friends, Going to the Park, Swimming, Fishing, Hunting (no killing though)

Interests: Guitar, Violin, Music in General, Reading, Drawing, Dancing, Singing, Anime, Manga, Make-up, Fashion, Going outdoors, Traveling and Exploring

Hobbies: Cosplay, Sewing, Creating things, Sports

Music: JRock, JPop, Rock, Pop, Lyrical, Instrumentals, Jazz

Movies: Inception, Resident Evil, X-Men, Wolverine, Batman, The Hangover, Up, Despicable Me, Shutter Island

Games: Call of Duty (any of them), Assassins Creed 2, DMC4 (it was okay), Tomb Raider (all of them), Final Fantasy 7 (I need a PS3 to finish it >:)

Books: The Zombie Survival Guide, Anne Rice Novels (there are many of them), Kwaidan, Vampire Academy

Television: Two and a Half Men, Supernatural, Flashpoint, Murdock Mysteries, Warehouse 13, Phineas and Pherb, Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Family Guy, The Oracle (that was pretty sick)

Clothing Style: Basic, Dark and Whites, Plains, Stripes, Plads, Polkadots, Stars, Lacy, Gothic, Dark

Likes: Animals, Wild Life, Cute things, Fluffy things, Plushies, Gothic stuff, Weird interesting stuff, Classics, Antique looking stuff, jewelry, PANDAS, dogs, Cats, BUNNIES ❤ (OwO)

Hates: Twilight (=__= its annoying), Hannah Montana, PINK things (usually depends >:), Annoying people, Stupid questions

About Me: According to people I am generous, nice, blunt, kinda chill at times, flailing, squeaky(?). I have 3 dogs, 4 turtles and 2 fish. I have a German Sheppard mixed husky named King, 2 toy poodles, one named Lucky (Charms) and Shadow. The 4 turtles don’t exactly have names and nor do one of the fish, the other fish is named Tieria. I have a little brother named James, 2 Older step sisters named Vicky and Michelle. My family consists of <— them, My Mom and Step Dad, along with my Real Dad. And we mustn’t forget Jamie, he’s Vick’s boyfriend, like my brother-in-law. Ever have those times where you love your friends sooooo dearly? Well I always do, My circle of friends include, hitori-sama, Arman/Coco(<- that’s one person), NekoRini, Rin, Leafdust, Howard(Leafdust’s brother), and Cody. Yes, yes i know, they the band members and plus a few more people but they’re still my extended family =]

So far that’s all I can think of to describe myself with and explain what my well everyday likings are. Hope you enjoy my blog!



4 responses to “Yuki Akari

  • howard watanabe jin

    Hey i Yuki i read the post about TTC driver…Chinese and Asian riders are mostly quiet people…30 years later..since i was in highschool…TTC drivers still pick on Asians and fellow white passsengers….blacks they get a free ride…this fucking politically fucked up country sucks the big one…holy mother fing….i dont condone Asians pulling guns out and blowing away people…but when people are bullied…some just crack and go ballistic..
    Asians mostly 99% of Them…just chill and we say in our mind” u fucking racist mother fucker” and we go on..and off the bus…just like in life or in the real world Asians just do their job…suck up the bullshit..racism…we dont tend to yell and call out the RACE card …
    Globally Asians have taken over the world…sure they lack some civilities …or knowledge of how to be cool without trying to look rich..
    The right to vote, the right to political office, and land ownership is the way to rid this fucking western society of skin deep racist like the ttc driver…next time get his number..or bus …
    Go to your city councillor and demand he do something…

    Do it in writing …
    This is my spew…without sounding like a perv…ur image makeover is awesome..

    I am middle aged and am a Xjapan fan since 1985 i worked my ass off and missed all the X japan concerts fuck man i lived in japan 4 years and never went to any concert..just work work…

    My advice enjoy a few outings like X japan..
    If ur short of cash today oct 7th hit me a text…i am downtown with a bunch of old people and we are going to rock toronto with X japan.


    • YukiAkari

      Hey man! I totally agree with everything you said about the ttc and our system. we do suck the most. :l Im just one that wont try to say much unless i have to. == in that case i did :l

      Anyways yeah I was at the xJapan concert!!! x] omggg! If you saw my friend, he was the one who screamed out of nowhere and at the slient times .__. and he chased a yellow school bus full of little children (hes not a perv)
      and ‘sall right x] thanks~ Im glad someone likes it! lol~

      Lols thanks for the offer. Ill be at dotcon for Luzmelt. If i actually talked to you in person at xJapan then I probably wont remember you because there were alot of people I was talking to Dx Sorry if I dont remember you
      Add me on facebook : Celena ゆき ほ
      I also realized you told me to txt you .__. i dont have your number XD sry~ but yeah add me on fb~! x]

      • howard


        Sorry i didnt get back to U. Facebook? Celena yukiwa or ha?

        Anyways, i am sure i will find u…or hear you have become a famous X Japan groupie.

        I am found under facebook email search: tenrikyoojiba@yahoo.ca

        I sold a ticket to a female surgeon who received hide DOA in Tokyo when she was an intern.
        She said”hide died of head trauma 6 cm open skull fracture..+ alcohol..not a suicide by hanging”. Why then did the Japanese police and media say he died of a suicide? I think the media wanted to say his life was crazy and his death was sensational news. But , in fact he died of being drunk and falling over splitting open his head. Dr T works in Toronto..i cant mention the hospital. She also did the post mortem on hide as he donated his body to science .
        The hospital made all staff everyone sign a life time gag order on everything to do with hide’s body and what they saw and had to do .
        Fing corruption i think. Do you have a rock band? I have a steel pan…i cant play drums for the life of me…but my son has fine set.
        I miss XJapan and i am saving to see them in 2011 in Japan. Feel free to add me howard wjin with my yahoo address as a search reference.

        my japanese email is:


      • YukiAkari

        Hi! sorry, I didn’t want to reveal that info D: its just that the internet does a lot of things. So its not that its illegal/inappropriate its just personal reasons. >< (sorry if this offended you, I dont mean to!)

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